Hello!  Bonjour!  Hola!  Hallo!  Ciao!  Namaste!  你好!  Χαίρετε!

Hi,  I'm Allison!  I'm so glad you've stopped by. Pull up a chair and stay for a bit. 

I'm obsessed with traveling and good food.   I married my high school sweetheart, Jonathan. My Basset Hound, Oliver, is my heart.  My Family are my best friends.  I love hosting parties.  I am constantly decorating and re-decorating. I live to dream. I love to Love.


Life is short. You blink and in a moment, a memory has been made. All we have left at the end of the day is the moment as we remembered it; and if we're lucky, a snapshot on paper to help keep that moment alive long after it fades from our memory.


I'm a heart and soul with many loves.  I believe i was destined to do more than one specific thing with my life.

Thank you for sharing an interest in my journey!